Are proper nutrition and diet related?

Remember that a diet from a medical point of view is a diet for certain diseases for a period of time determined by a doctor. Its purpose is not to lose weight. Medical nutritionist Nina Eng notes that often exotic dangerous diets do not include exercise and do not teach a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, do not lead to regular weight loss. And what do they lead to? Doctors say that dangerous diets only lead to loss of health, but not to the figure of your dreams. Here are 5 of the most popular but extremely unhealthy diets for our body. Personally, I would not sit on them.

What is a detox diet

During detox, muscle mass is lost and metabolism is slowed down. It is a mistake to believe that with this diet you can get rid of fat in the most delicate places. You lose water, not extra pounds. Detox programs include healthy smoothies and juices that belong to fast carbohydrates and provoke inflammatory processes. Detox diets eliminate slow carbohydrates (vegetables, whole grain breads, pasta from durum wheat), which leads to loss of strength and nausea.

How fasting is dangerous to health

Calories are weight. I guess more than 90% of people think so. I will stop eating and lose weight - the stupidest idea, which has no place in reality. Deprivation of nutrients first causes weakness, lethargy, reduced efficiency and headaches, and then leads to digestive problems. Thanks to starvation, it is easy to get acquainted with gastritis, gastric ulcer and dehydration, and there is not far from anorexia (purposeful refusal to eat). Doctors say that when the fasting diet is left behind and you start eating as usual, you will gain weight. After such a drastic method of combating overweight, the body stops fighting the increased feeling of hunger. As a result, your appetite increases and you eat many times more than before the diet. Then everything will have to be done again with more effort.