Healthy nutrition may be available: where to get useful products

Healthy eating does not mean giving up all foods in favor of vegetables and fruits. First of all, it is moderation in food and a balance between what you want and what is good for the body. Proper nutrition helps maintain youth, strength and beauty. Eating healthy food has a positive effect not only on appearance, but also increases brain function, improves memory and mood.

There is a myth that eating right is definitely very expensive. Of course, in the huge range of fruits, vegetables, fish or nuts there are many really expensive offers. But not so much that we waved our hands and advised you to eat loaf, cheap sausage, ketchup, vodka, assuring that everything will be fine.

When planning a diet - choose foods in their original form. Not processed like sausage or sausages. This is a double benefit - the less processed the product, the less added value (you pay less) and more nutritional value (you get sick less).

Fish is great and not as expensive as you might think.

It is the main source of all omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Consumption of fish, not supplements, reduces the risk of dementia, cardiovascular disease and chronic inflammation. It is enough to eat fish twice a week. One large portion of fish will cost you the same amount as a pack of cigarettes and coffee, but cigarettes will not add to health, or even worsen it.

Choose mackerel, hake and herring, not salmon. White rice is a bigger threat - it accumulates inorganic arsenic. When we say "healthy eating", we do not mean avocados, goji, chia, quinoa and salmon, but native and available lard, eggs, currants, buckwheat, pumpkins, herring and flax.

Unhealthy food is more accessible first physically and then economically. It is easier to buy a chocolate bar than dried apricots, although a kilo of bars is more expensive than a kilo of dried apricots. You need to change your priorities and look for healthy options every day. Healthy food is available. And cooking tasty and healthy is much easier than it seems at first glance.